Hi, I’m Reiku Morello, who is behind Sarovara Yoga.

I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. I chose Sydney as a working holiday destination and having been living here since 2002. For the first few years, I found it very difficult to enjoy and live my life fully as I didn’t know anyone, everything was new to me and out of my comfort zone. I was feeling so lonely, miserable, vulnerable and not being myself. That’s when I met yoga, in 2003 to ground myself, to find myself again. To me, yoga was a savior of my emotional and mental state. (The physical benefit of yoga was a bonus for me.) It gave me wonderful guidance to seek a way out of a dark tunnel. I have learnt through my own experience how strongly and gracefully yoga influences one’s life. I am in love with yoga ever since. After completing 200hr Samadhi yoga teacher training in 2011, and currently 400+ hours of training under my belt, I have been teaching various type of yoga (yin, vinyasa, hatha, and restorative yoga) and continuously learning from inspiring teachers.

It is the honour for me to serve the space where students can find/cultivate inner peace, to share the wisdom of yoga and the incredible experiences yoga offers with as many students as possible, to bring them as many benefits as yoga has given me.


What does Sarovara mean?

Sarovara is the Sanskrit word for lake, or any body of water deep enough for lotuses to grow in. We believe that a lake represents the stillness of mind = peace within. We also like the relationship between Sarovara and a lotus, which is the symbol of purity.