New year and a new blog

To me, counting down of the new year wasn’t really interesting, so I went to bed pretty early to wake up and see the sunrise on the New Year’s Day.

As I was walking down towards Wombarra beach in the South Coast, I was thinking too much about what my intentions of this year would be. But then, when I got to the beach, watching the sun slowly rising and changing the colour of ocean and sky, it dawned on me that I don’t need too many “lists to do” or “goals”. I told myself, “Just shut up and watch the sunrise!” It was a great reminder to not make things too complicated.

I also tried to meditate while at the beach, even though that was only for 5-10 minutes, my mind was so busy with thoughts (eg: what if a big wave comes in while I’m meditating and take me away to the shore and drown?! Note: it was a low tide and the waves were so calm…) and I was distracted by the noises around me although I love the sound of ocean!

So here it is my intention of this year.
“Don’t get distracted by the noises around/within me, stay centred to be myself, but don’t be stubborn either, embrace any changes that come to my life so that I can continually grow.”

What would be your intention for 2018? Instead of thinking hard to come up with it, perhaps let them come to you, let it unravel itself.
If you would like to have some time for contemplation about that, or simply have some quiet time for yourself,  you can join me for yin yoga practice. I’m running an extended yin yoga class (Deep Yin) on Saturday 3rd Feb 10am – 12pm at Jivamukti Yoga Sydney in Newtown.

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