What is Yin yoga?

What is yin yoga? And why is it good to practice?



♠ Holds in each pose for a while with the “edge” you feel, which is not too deep or too little

♠ Stimulates deep connective tissues to soften/moisten/strengthen them and stimulates qi (prana, life force) in meridians (energy pathways)

♠ Compared to restorative yoga, yin yoga sometimes/often brings some physical/emotional/mental discomforts and practice to watch them without trying to change anything

Why practice?

♠ Great compliments to busyness of life to balance out, Yin and Yang!

♠ Encourages to slow down, take a pause to really “feel” what’s happening to ourselves

♠ Can develop mindfulness

The lists can go on and on, but the best way to know what’s all about, come practice yin yoga yourself

This beautiful altar at Jivamukti Yoga Sydney welcomes you for some yin time. My regular yin classes are:

Monday 7:45-9pm (tonight, anyone?)

Thursday 10-11:15am & 6-7:15pm

Let’s explore deep (y)inside

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